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Indonesian Food Twins!


Are you food hunter? Western, oriental or traditional food?

Have you ever thought that there are some foods around the world look similar with Indonesian food. Here are some examples of breakfast in Indonesia and their twins from another country!

Are you ready?


1.Fried Rice or Nasi Goreng

This food is very popular in Indonesia with simple ingredients and very easy to cook. Usually, it is combined with eggs and some vegetables.


While in Spain, they have Paella. It looks like Nasi Goreng. As Spain Traditional food, it is combined with chicken, rabbit meat, or seafood.


2.Bubur Ayam

This second popular food for breakfast in Indonesia, called Bubur Ayam.

Bubur Ayam is made from  rice that is cooked until sticky and melty. Seasoning for Bubur Ayam are chicken stock, chicken fillet, soy sauce, some grain and vegetables.


3.Nasi Uduk

Vietnam has similar food with Bubur Ayam, it is called Chao. It is combined with kinds of meat. Chao Ga  can be combined with chicken stock, Chao Vit  can be combined with Duck meat, Chao Luon can be  combined with eel, and Chao Ca can be combined with fish.

Nasi Uduk  is made by rice that is cooked with coconut milk. It tastes good by adding some curry, chicken and fried food.

Our neighbor country,  Malaysia has similar food with Nasi Uduk, it is called as Nasi Lemak. Usually, Malay eat this with steamed eggs, cucumbers, fried dry fish and spicy sauce.



It is very easy to find soto in Indonesia. Soto is the combination of sour and tasteful curry with noodles, chicken or meat and vegetables.

While in Thailand, you will find Khao Tom or Rice Soup that look similar with Soto. It serves with rice mix with sour soup by chicken stock, fish stocks or shrimp stock.


Which one do you like to try? 

Just order one of them when you are in one of the countries mentioned in the article so you will not regret about the taste since they have been familiar with our tongue